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Latin American Festival Latino Ottawa - Gatineau

The Latin American Committee is a non-profit organization, organizes its anticipated annual PARADE in order to give a great opportunity to communities in Ottawa and Gatineau to learn, celebrate and taste the Latin American hospitality and heritage.

The First Latin American Festival in the capital region took place in 1997 demonstrating the integration between numerous countries in Canada. The Festival displays its exotic mosaic of dances, music, art and cuisine. It also has a parade that starts on Wellington Street by Parliament hill and ends at Mario Dewar Plaza at the City Hall with more music, food, crafts and other products for sale.

The parade is valuable to latin communities in order for them to not only conserve their culture and pass it along to their children, but to also share its richness among other cultures in Ottawa and Gatineau that are multicultural societies.


Latin American Parade & Festival Ottawa-Gatineau
2:00 pm to 4: 00 pm

Running all across Wellington Street (Parliament Hill), then turning South on Elgin towards the City Hall on Laurier Street.

After the parade join us for our annual festival at City Hall “Marion Dewar Plaza”

1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The Latin American Community of Ottawa-Gatineau that every year we come together to raise awareness of our cultures, cuisine, music, joy, and hospitality. Join us with your family and friends and experience the colorful culture, beyond their enchanting Spanish language.

Art Gallery Tent

Face Painting

Dance & Music Performance

Food from different Latin-American Countries

Défilé & Festival Latino d’Ottawa-Gatineau 
de 14h00 à 16h00  L’événement est gratuit !

Le trajet du défilé parcours la rue Wellington (la colline du Parlement), puis la rue Elgin en direction de l’hôtel de ville d’Ottawa sur la rue Laurier.

Après le défilé rejoignez-nous pour notre fête annuelle qui se tiendra à l’hôtel de ville d’Ottawa ” place Marion-Dewar”, de13h00 à 20h00.

Tent galerie d’art

Peinture sur visage

Dance et musique Performances

Kiosques des aliments de différents pays latino-américains

La Communauté d’Amérique latine d’Ottawa-Gatineau se réunit annuellement pour faire prendre conscience à tous de la variété et de la richesse nos cultures à travers la  cuisine, la musique, la joie de vivre et l’hospitalité.  Joignez-vous à nous avec votre


Tamales are a ubiquitous food in Latin America. These YUMMY packets of steamed goodness all start off with a Corn, Rice, Yuca or Plantain base dough, but their sizes, FLAVOURS, and fillings vary by country! It’s why the Latin American community in Ottawa is COMING TOGETHER to bring as many regional varieties as we can under ONE roof🙌🏽

Tamal Fest 2023 - Poster

Pass event's

“Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them” George Elliot

We invite you to celebrate with us the beautiful tradition of

“Day of the Dead Festival-Dia de Muertos 2022”, A Celebration of Life” in Ottawa on October 29. 

The Day of the Dead Festival is an opportunity to experience the Mexican and Central American celebrations for our departed ones in a lively and meaningful way in the heart of Canada. We will provide the people of the National Capital Region with an authentic taste of this captivating celebration that is the Day of the Dead.



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Este año en el evento de día de muertos, Participa en la rifa de una canasta llena de productos mexicanos. Los boletos se venderán el día del evento y se anunciara el ganador esa misma noche. 

El costo del boleto ser de – 1 por $2 – 3 por $5

El contenido de la canasta es: 

Botella de Tequila “Real Hacienda”

Playera temática día de muertos

Cubre bocas temática dia de muertos

Calavera de azúcar

Juego de lotería 

Botellita licor “Del Ranchito” directo de Villa del Carbón 

Catrina decorativa 

Vasito tequilero “Talavera”

Dulces mexicanos

At this year’s Day of the Dead fiesta, we will raffle a basket full of Mexican goodies. 

The tickets for the raffle will be sold the day of the event, and the winner will be announced at the end of the event. 

Tickets will be sold for – 1 for $2  – 3 for $5

Content of the basket: 

Tequila Bottle “Real Hacienda”

Day of the dead themed t-shirt

Day of the dead themed face mask

Sugar skull

Mexican bingo set

Miniature bottle of liquor “del ranchito” straight from Villa del Carbón 

Decorative catrina 

Tequila shot glass “Talavera” themed

Mexican candies

Tamal Festival

Parade & Festival


Day of the Dead

altar de muertos 2020

430 Wiggins Private, Ottawa, ON K1N 1A8